Sunday, May 8, 2016

Weigh in #32

I've worked SO HARD this week! I have managed to hit my step target every day since Monday, and on the days I haven't been at work I haven't just hit it.... I've smashed it!

To be fair my step target is only 7250 steps (3 miles) and not the 10,000 recommended but when I've not been at work I have got well over the 10,000 so I think that balances out. I'll work up to getting 10,000 on work days (it's a matter of finding time as much as anything).

I've also been doing some yoga on the Wii Fit - ooooh my! My tummy hurts! Hubby says it's my abs but I refuse to call them that when there is still so much flab over them!

I've been spending a lot of time chatting to other Weight Watchers on the "Connect" section of the WW App, and it seems that I have not got this Smart Points system right. I have not been using all my daily points. Apparently most people do. And a lot of them have most if not all of their weeklies. And lose weight more effectively than me. It looks like I have been trying too hard! I worked that out part way through the week (after a cheeky mid-week weigh in that showed no difference in my weight) and amended my eating habits. And sure enough...... I've lost!

As usual, I'm not drinking enough water! WILL I EVER LEARN!

So here are my stats for this week:

2016 start weight: 13 st 5lb
Last weeks weight: 13 st 2lb
Current weight: 13 st
Weeks loss: 2 lb 
Total 2016 Loss: 5 lb

So this weeks goals are:
Lose 1-2 lb
Increase my work-day steps from 7250 to 8000
Drink at least 2ltr water every day

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