Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weigh in #31

I have really struggled this week to get used to the new points system. But I think I am getting there slowly. My replacement Fitbit Flex came this week and I used my first full day with it back on my wrist to see how I have been getting on without my lovely long walks (which with work and a strong will toddler who insists on walking but at a snails pace) is a rare treat indeed. The results were not good! Not even hitting my most basic of goals.

I am giving myself today and tomorrow (because it's a bank holiday and I'm off to the cinema with the kids) to get the last of my negativity and junk snacks out of my system and then I'm going for it! Determined to hit my 3 miles on the days I'm not tied to my desk at work, and to stay within my points. I have been really half-arsed about it this week and missed out on that lovely first week mega loss as a result.

I did lose though!

2016 start weight: 13 st 5lb
Current weight:  13 st 2lb
Loss: 3 lb

So this weeks goals are:
Lose 1-2 lb
3 miles of steps when I'm not at work
Track all my food (from Tuesday on anyway)

And because it's the start of a new month, here's a montlhy target:
Drop half a stone in May

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